Stewart Rightly Trashes NBC Over EditGate, Then Calls Fox News Racist

Stewart Rightly Trashes NBC Over EditGate, Then Calls Fox News Racist

Jon Stewart just couldn’t help himself.

The star of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” used his pulpit last night to slam NBC for its indefensible EditGate activities. But Stewart couldn’t attack the Left without smiting the Right, even if he had plenty of proof for the former and … nada for the latter:


Multiple video clips were aired of Fox News anchors and contributors including [Brent] Bozell expressing outrage about the edit. The first one Stewart specifically went after was Judith Miller.”Okay, now you just blew it,” scolded Stewart, “because if there’s one person who is an expert on journalists doctoring their facts to push a preconceived narrative, that lady Judy Miller. Remember her? New York Times reporter, ten years ago ran story after story on Iraq’s quest to obtain WMDs, stories which turned out to be WM wrong. It’s funny because we invaded Iraq.”

So, NBC News’s dishonest edit of a 911 call was cause for Stewart to attack a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who not only was a victim of an anthrax-laced letter attack in 2001, but also spent three months in jail in 2005 to protect her sources within the CIA.

But that was just the beginning, for after playing a clip of Miller saying, “Another issue is the fact that this was NBC which did this, and MSNBC has been really a kind of promoter of the Trayvon as victim theme,” Stewart rudely quipped, “Yes, while we promote the ‘Got what he deserved’ theme.”

How disgusting. After acknowledging that NBC News was wrong to edit a 911 call that made Zimmerman look racist, Stewart falsely claimed Fox News was racist by promoting a theme that Martin “got what he deserved.”