'South Park' Nails Weinstein's 'Bully' Brigade with One Line

'South Park' Nails Weinstein's 'Bully' Brigade with One Line

Those crudely animated tykes from “South Park” once again packed more truth into a single line of dialogue than most shows can muster from an entire episode.

Last night, the show tackled Harvey Weinstein’s “Bully” brigade, the effort to reduce the rating of the new documentary from a restrictive “R” to PG:13 so more children can see it.

The film. Is. That. Important.

It’s all a move to generate free press for a movie most teens would never see in the first place. Alex Billington from FirstShowing.net says it best, detailing how the series nails the hypocrisy behind Weinstein’s power play:

Not only was that a cleverly written scene that fits well in the context of the episode, but it outright slaps Hollywood (and all entertainment distributors) right in the face with that “if it needs to be seen by everybody” argument. Especially that huge pause after he says it the first time, and the fact that it gets repeated even more clearly … if they really want everyone to see Bully, even the PG-13 version, why not release it online for free? And show it everywhere they can, for free? Ah yes, capitalism. Again, this is why I love South Park, and how they address and confront current events.