'Veep' Star Chatted with Gore, Biden

'Veep' Star Chatted with Gore, Biden

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus gamely made a fool of herself with her awkward dance moves on a classic episode of “Seinfeld.”

Now, she’s throwing herself into a new role, that of an unprepared Vice President in the upcoming HBO comedy “Veep.” The series, debuting April 22, follows Louis-Dreyfus as she tries to make sense of the often confusing role of the country’s Vice President. 

Her character is routinely flummoxed by the myriad official and unofficial rules VPs must play by. So the show went right to the source – current Vice President and reliable gaffe machine Joe Biden – for tips, according to Politico

I think he was probably hesitant to talk to us — or to me specifically — because he didn’t know what the hell the show was going to be. I get that,” Louis-Dreyfus explained. “He might have thought that I was parodying him specifically, which I’m not.”

Biden demurred, but plenty of other political figures were happy to help out.”I talked to a bunch of vice presidents. I talked to chiefs of staff, schedulers, body men,” Louis-Dreyfus said. Which real veeps offered advice? She wouldn’t say, but one of her sources has already spilled the beans: A few months ago, Al Gore told the AP about his meeting with the actress.