Bankrupt LA Provides 30 Free Pianos Throughout City

Bankrupt LA Provides 30 Free Pianos Throughout City

Record federal deficits? So what.

Los Angeles on the verge of bankruptcy? Big deal.

Government priorities in the age of Obama — with rising gas and health care costs — simply can’t involve returning to struggling families any of their own tax dollars.

Oh, no. Instead, we should be funding goofy, nonsensical, hippy-dippy, feel-good crap like this:

The sound of music is echoing across Los Angeles Thursday with the launch of a free public art installation of pianos, decorated by students at the Braille Institute.

As part of the “Play Me, I’m Yours” project the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra has placed 30 pianos across the city for the public to use and enjoy in celebration of the orchestra director’s 15th anniversary with the group. Residents can find them at places such as Chinatown, the Wells Fargo Center and outside L.A. City Hall.

Orchestra Director Jeffrey Kahane said there’s also a larger mission to the endeavor – to expose residents to the beloved instrument, which is the most widely played instrument worldwide.

And yes, according to their own financials, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra does receive your money and mine through “local and federal government agencies.

Do you feel robbed? Because I sure do.