'SNL' Roasts GOP Again, Ignores Obama's 'Lost' Week

'SNL' Roasts GOP Again, Ignores Obama's 'Lost' Week

How bad a week did President Barack Obama have?

MSNBC Obama sycophant Chuck Todd said “Team Obama lost the week.” The administration’s “War on Women” campaign blew up in its face, two polls showed Mitt Romney defeating Obama in November, and another disappointing jobs report meant the recovery continues to stagger.  

“Saturday Night Live” kept hammering at the GOP presidential field as if the none of the above ever happened. Newsbusters offers the blow-by-blow account, showing how “SNL” does all it can to reinforce the mainstream news media’s talking points on the candidates.

The sketch show, which once mocked both sides of the ideological aisle, used its opening sketch yet again to taunt the GOP. This time, it was a farewell to Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and the rest of the GOP’s presidential hopefuls as Romney all but cinched the nomination in recent days.

“SNL” is officially out of excuses. Romney will be the GOP presidential nominee, and the former governor will face off against Obama. There’s simply no reason to treat Obama as above humor.

Of course, “SNL” will soon go on summer hiatus, meaning all we’ll see for weeks on end is repeats of one GOP-bashing sketch after another.

Mission accomplished.