Stephanopoulos: Time For Maher to Go Under Obama's Bus?

Stephanopoulos: Time For Maher to Go Under Obama's Bus?


While referencing the “War on Moms” started by Obama here and fumbled by Hilary Rosen here, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said what many in the left-wing media are saying: “I tend to agree with you all that this particular dispute is going to flare up and flame out[.]” Which is the kind of wishful thinking we never heard them express as they played good little White House Palace Guards and jumped on the White House bandwagon to destroy Rush Limbaugh.  

But I digress.

Make no mistake about the role Stephanopoulos plays in the media. His job is to protect Democrats and most especially Barack Obama. Therefore, him trial ballooning the idea that the President had better distance himself from HBO’s Bill Maher is a big deal.

Because Maher’s $1 million donation went to a super PAC, by law Obama cannot directly have anything to do with returning it. What Obama can do, though, and what it looks as though Stephanopolous is suggesting he do, is make clear to the super PAC that he would prefer they issue a refund.

Stephanopolous is also sending a signal to Bill Maher that the right thing to do here would be to ask for the money back.

Judging by his latest stupid, mean-spirited and unfunny rant, it’s become pretty obvious that Maher isn’t smart enough to figure out that, when you become the biggest and most high-profile contributor to a super PAC set up to benefit the President of the United States, a certain amount of responsibility comes with that.

Like many, Maher is a free speech absolutist. Unlike many, though, Maher apparently doesn’t believe any responsibility comes with the right of free speech. During the ginned up uproar over Rush Limbaugh, Maher seemed legitimately surprised that he was pulled into it — even though his attacks on women have been infinitely worse than anything Limbaugh said (and later apologized for). Under the delusion he can still say the most outrageous things and not have them stick to Obama, Maher continues to swagger his swill and then play “who me?” when called on it.

The Left set these rules. The Left chose to play guilt-by-association with Limbaugh. Does Maher think we’re not going to hold Obama to his own rules? Or is Maher too arrogant to hide his ugly side through November?

For the sake of the country, let’s hope Maher never wakes up.

Anything damaging to Obama is a plus for America. And right now both that million dollars and HBO’s “Real Time” are damaging to Obama.