Silverman Walks Back Abortion Jokes

Silverman Walks Back Abortion Jokes

Politico says Silverman apologized, but nothing it links to indicates that. But she most certainly walked herself back: 

On Tuesday night, comedian Sarah Silverman apologized for her jokes about abortion late last week.

She had posted a picture of herself with an inflated stomach, saying, “It’s a burrito!” only to later post another picture with a flat stomach with the caption, “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned.”

In her apology, Silverman tweeted:”It wasn’t funny for me to talk so casually about abortion. But when they take our right to choose away it will be HILARIOUS!” And: “The government should STAY OUT of our PRIVATE LIVES except when it comes to who we marry & what we do w our uteruses!!”

It got her in some hot water. The Drudge Report drew attention to her tweets and the London Daily Mail accused Silverman of “joining America’s current War on Women” and “reigniting the women’s rights movement via Twitter.”

Some speculated that Silverman’s comment was designed to bring attention to a potential Romney administration.

What Silverman originally tweeted was an obvious joke, a not very funny joke delivered for shock value, but a joke nonetheless.

In a perfect world, she shouldn’t have been pressured to apologize or walk it back or whatever the case is.

But because Silverman and her fellow Hollywood Leftists supported Barack Obama in 2008, we now live in a much less perfect world than we did four years ago, in which the Hollywood chickens are just starting to come home to roost. 

After all, it was Obama who ginned up this phony “War on Women” nonsense and now, like Bill Maher and Louis C.K. before her, Silverman is finding the circle of what she can and can’t joke about tightened a little more.

So sorry, Sarah.

Your rules. Not ours.

And look at what a shill for the powerful and what an establishment propagandist Silverman’s become. Romney can’t overturn Roe v. Wade, but she lies and says he will. Moreover, she has no problem with Obama’s behavior affecting her freedom of speech.

More proof of how pathetic and co-opted our comedic class has become. 

UPDATE: This post was updated to correct an incorrect date.