Jon Stewart Would Like the Dog Jokes To Stop Now

Jon Stewart Would Like the Dog Jokes To Stop Now

Predictably, like the rest of the mainstream media, Jon Stewart (star of the low-rated “Daily Show”), suddenly finds stories about dogs and presidential candidates a distraction from the real issues.

Watch Obama’s Palace Guard at work:


Where was Stewart’s finger-wagging and ridicule all these months as Obama 2012 very publicly geared up a campaign and attempted to make political hay out of a 30 year-old non-incident involving the Romney family dog?

Oh, but now that we know Obama ate dogs, Stewart (star of the low-rated “Daily Show”) finds the whole idea of decades-old dog stories brought into presidential campaigns worthy of a comedic scolding.

Now that it’s backfired on Obama, now it must stop. 

Good dog.

*A good faith search of Google and the low-rated “Daily Show” archives showed nothing about Stewart mocking Obama 2012 for politicizing the Seamus episode. If I missed this I will amend the post.