Miss Delaware: Pageant Wanted Me Silent On Pro-Life Views

Miss Delaware: Pageant Wanted Me Silent On Pro-Life Views

Today, Miss Delaware, Maria Cahill, stated in an interview with Townhall.com that she had been instructed by the Miss America higher-ups not to say anything about her pro-life views:

I have heard that because I am in the public eye, I have no right to speak about the pro-life movement. I feel the total opposite. There is a crown on my head for a reason. I am trying to save innocent lives and if it takes a crown for people to maybe consider this issue a little further, then my mission has been accomplished …

With this [birth-control] mandate and the so-called ‘war on women’, I feel like people don’t know both sides and they’re not getting to the real root of the problem, and that is another life is at stake. I think getting to the root of the problem is where the solution lies.

This is not the first time that a major beauty pageant has cracked down on conservative political activity. In 2009, Miss California Carrie Prejean was famously attacked by Miss USA judge Perez Hilton for stating that she did not support same-sex marriage. Hilton had asked her about her opinion on the issue; he then called her a “dumb bitch” for not agreeing with him on it.