At Least Jimmy Kimmel Gets What DC Elite Forgets: Fast & Furious Scandal

At Least Jimmy Kimmel Gets What DC Elite Forgets: Fast & Furious Scandal

I love watching and hearing people make fun of themselves, even if it’s forced. President Obama joked about the GSA spending spree, the Secret Service prostitution scandal, and even the news story of him eating a dog when he was a kid.

But as Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller points out, “the president made no attempt to get the Washington, D.C. media elites to laugh at Fast and Furious.”

That’s probably because there is nothing funny about Fast and Furious. How can anyone find humor in an operation that lead to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and 300+ Mexicans?

But Fast and Furious was slipped in by comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

“Even some of your Democrats think you’re a pushover Mr. President,” said Kimmel. “They would like to see you stick to your guns and if you don’t have any guns, they would like to see you ask Eric Holder to get some for you.”

This joke was not well received, but what do you expect? The majority of the people in that room have gone to great lengths to avoid it, except ABC’s Jake Tapper. Mr. Tapper is one of the few in the White House Press Corps asking questions about it. The media knows the scandal could devour this administration.

But the interesting part is that Mr. Kimmel knows about the scandal. Despite the little coverage it receives in the Old Media (and the coverage it does receive spins it to make Mr. Holder appear to be the victim) Mr. Kimmel knows about it. He tied Mr.Tapper into his joke.

The scandal is getting out. We have to keep reporting on it to make sure they never forget it.