Will 'Murphy Brown' Return to Save Obama's Re-election Chances?

Will 'Murphy Brown' Return to Save Obama's Re-election Chances?

Could “Murphy Brown,” the character who famously battled Dan Quayle over the role of fathers in society, return in time for the November presidential elections? And if so, is there any doubt which candidate she’ll throw her shoulder pads behind?

The cast of the popular CBS series recently reunited for a TV Land award presentation. Show creator Diane English, an ardent liberal, said later she’s in discussions with CBS about revisiting the show to coincide with the upcoming election.

This wouldn’t be the first time English threatened to bring “Brown” back to the small screen. In 2011, she mentioned she wanted to resuscitate the character should Sarah Palin decide to run for the Oval Office. The irony of using a feminist character to battle the first woman with a realistic chance of winning the White House apparently was lost on English.

Flash forward to 2012, and the president’s re-election chances dim with every bleak economic report. Why else would English deem it was the right time for a “Murphy Brown” revival?