'SNL' Stars Admit Liberal Bias, Blame Big Apple Living

'SNL' Stars Admit Liberal Bias, Blame Big Apple Living

Fred Armisen loves Obama a little bit more every day. Jason Sudeikis admits writing a show based in New York City impacts the sketches that make it to the air.

Now we know why “Saturday Night Live” is such an integral part of President Barack Obama’s Comedy Palace Guard Team.

Armisen and Sudeikis recently sat down with NBC’s hopelessly biased David Gregory to talk presidential satire. And the results won’t surprise anyone who’s been watching the veteran sketch show for the past six months.

First, here’s Armisen sounding like a pre-teen crushing on Robert Pattinson about how much he adores President Obama:

I think that as the public discovers who he is and finds out more about him, I’m doing the same thing. And that’s, that’s the, the kind of fun thing about it is that as all of that unfolds….I’ve grown to like him more and more. You know, I was always – I’ve just been a fan of his, if you could say that about a president. So that’s the other kind of good part of it, is you know, getting to like him more and more.

Get a room.

No wonder Armisen’s Obama impression, the few times it actually makes it on air, is as toothless as great-great-great grandma.

Now, here’s Sudeikis trying to explain that his show – wink, wink, nudge, nudge – doesn’t have an agenda.

SUDEIKIS: We don’t sit in a room and try to like – there’s no – we’re only a reflection of what’s being, you know, done out there. There’s no agenda, believe it or not. Can’t help it with, you know, our age and where we live, you know, on the writing and cast, you know, to skew a little bit liberal but it’s not like, you know, these are all human beings trying-

GREGORY: It is New York City, come on.         



Note how Gregory chummy is with his guests. Plus, Gregory not only tries to help Sudeikis out, he completely excuses him from tilting the show’s comedy in one direction. We’re sure Gregory would do the same if the show in question hammered the Left on a weekly basis.