'The Perfect Family' – More Catholic Bashing at Your Local Cineplex

'The Perfect Family' – More Catholic Bashing at Your Local Cineplex

Catholicism is in Hollywood’s cross hairs again this weekend.

“The Perfect Family,” opening in limited release tomorrow, stars Kathleen Turner as a devout Catholic who gets her comeuppance in more ways than one. Her daughter is a lesbian, her son is an adulterer and her marriage is hardly as solid as one might think.

Turner, who struck a similar subversive note in the John Waters comedy “Serial Mom,” claims the film isn’t meant to mock Catholicism. But reviewers are finding just the opposite, quoting lines from the film like this:

I don’t have to think – I’m a Catholic.

Variety described the film’s story as a “graceless lurching from genteel “Sister Act”-type humor to impassioned, melodramatic gay-rights advocacy.”

And a fellow Catholic mom, played by Sharon Lawrence, is just as sanctimonious as Turner’s devout Mum.

Now, just imagine a wacky, dark comedy about a Muslim family facing its own conflicts, hypocrisies and intolerance making its way through the indie film world.

We’ll have to wait to see that kind of project … likely a very long time.