Cher Pours the Hate on Romney Supporters

Cher Pours the Hate on Romney Supporters

Cher definitely protests too much.

It’s fairly well known that in the nineties, when her own daughter came out publicly as a lesbian, Cher “went ballistic” before finally accepting it. Cher also struggled to support Chastity’s sex change operation and her daughter’s decision to become Chaz Bono.

Cher wasn’t even able to support her own child at her child’s most vulnerable moments. As a mother, her very first instinct was rejection, not acceptance, and still she hurls these baseless lies around — probably from her own guilt:


Small point, but isn’t Cher already breathing the same air as Romney and his “right wing racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters?”

How will the air change after the election?

And what will she do about it, leave the country? If so, Cher might want to keep that added incentive to vote for Romney to herself.

UDPATE: Politico reports Cher yanked the Tweet after feeling heat from Twitter users.