Lauper Covers for Obama on Gay Marriage

Lauper Covers for Obama on Gay Marriage

Cyndi Lauper went from chart-topping hit-maker to one of the gay rights movement’s most outspoken voices.

But when asked about President Barack Obama’s “evolving” position on same-sex marriage – he’s against it but leaves enough wiggle room to appease apologists – Lauper did what just about every other celebrity does with regards to the president.

She covered for him.

“I look forward to him evolving,” said Lauper, who supports gay marriage. “I think he’s doing great, and I think he was given such a mess that even at the time of the election, nobody had any idea how deep that mess really was. So I am all for him and I am all for him evolving. And I love him. He’s inspiring to me. Very inspiring.”