Trailer Talk: 'The Campaign' Wants Your Vote

Trailer Talk: 'The Campaign' Wants Your Vote

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis go to war in “The Campaign,” the upcoming comedy set to bow during the heart of the presidential election season.

While the film’s key players all lean left, the first full trailer for the film concentrates more on the idiotic main characters than the folly of modern campaigns.

The initial peek is … odd, no doubt. The political satire is minimized to make way for Ferrell’s standard shtick. And yet the clip’s final gag – the race to kiss the adorable baby – offers real hope.

The rest of the shtick is less memorable, from Galifianakis’ mealy mouthed delivery to Ferrell’s patented snake oil charm. The two comic actors are so different that seeing them together could make for comedy gold.

One wonders if the trailer is holding something back. Would the film debut just months before the presidential election and not weigh in on the big day?

“The Campaign” wants your vote this August.