'Family Guy' Slanders Tea Party

'Family Guy' Slanders Tea Party

Even liberals are getting tired of mindless leftism. In this week’s episode of Family Guy, the show lampooned the Tea Party. And Carter Dotson, writing in TVFanatic.com, wasn’t buying it:

“And, really, I think the characterization of Tea Party supporters as just basically anarchists seemed like too much of an exaggeration to be funny. I may lean liberal myself, but the anarchist characterization pushed past the point of exaggeration into just plain inaccurate.”

In the episode, titled “Tea Peter,” Peter loves a sign reading “Come In, We’re Open.” Hanging it up on the door of his house triggers the arrival of people coming in as if the house is a store, and Peter happily agrees, selling items inside. But then Joe then shuts it down because it’s an unlicensed business, and Peter, in response, joins the Tea Party and tries to disband the city government.

The episode is replete with leftist stereotypes about the Tea Party: it’s full of racists (white people mispronounce “taco”); they hate government so much that they allow young girls to have sex with their teachers; factories are allowed to pollute at will. Peter’s talking dog eventually concludes, “Hey, so how’s that Tea Party going, huh? More like TP Party. Toilet paper.” Peter shrugs, “Not having a government worked great in Somalia, but somehow we seem to have botched it all up.”

And that’s leaving out the recurring “joke” of the show, which leverages anti-Semitic stereotypes – one of Peter’s Jewish friends, Mort, asks a bunch of roving Nazis if there is a reward for turning in Jews.

Seth MacFarlane is one of the most disgusting leftists in existence; as Ben Shapiro described in Primetime Propaganda, MacFarlane said that receiving mail from conservatives was “like getting mail from Hitler. They’re literally terrible human beings …They can suck my d**k as far as I’m concerned.”

But now it’s MacFarlane’s show that sucks. And that’s just from people on his side.