Demeaning the Office: Obama Jokes About 'Sex Book' On 'View'

Demeaning the Office: Obama Jokes About 'Sex Book' On 'View'

We can’t get this crass panderer out of office fast enough.

It’s bad enough all of his policies have failed and 23 million Americans seem to be permanently looking for work, but must Obama take the dignity of the office down with him?


This does explain a lot, though, such as why the President forgets about the magnitude of the recession:  He’s too busy keeping up with the Kardashians.

Late night television and “The View” are no place for a sitting President, but our failed president is staking his campaign on winning women and young people, and apparently believes that taking to the couch and demeaning the office he holds is the way to do that.

Well, making Joyless Behar cackle is much easier than creating jobs for young people and women. The question is, though, are a majority of women and young people stupid enough to fall for this?

At least when it comes to women, a new CBS poll says no.