Box Office Predictions: 'Avengers' to Torpedo 'Battleship'

Box Office Predictions: 'Avengers' to Torpedo 'Battleship'

Can anyone stop “The Avengers?”

In celebration of all things “Avengers,” we’ve thrown together a list of our favorite fan videos for your enjoyment. Last week, commentator Lammergeier had the right feel on “Dark Shadows” with…

As for Dark Shadows, it feels like there’s not enough substance there, just Depp+Burton+the memory of a campy TV show. I’ll be surprised if it hits $40M, and after opening weekend it’ll sink like a stone.

How right you were. It didn’t even hit $30 million after all said and done ($29.6 OW). Great call.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows.

1. The Avengers ($66 Million) – The record for the highest third weekend ever sits with “Avatar” at $68.4 million. If not the top spot, film will definitely beat “Spider-Man’s” $45 million in the runner-up spot.

2. Battleship ($35 Million) –Film’s marketing seems too based on being the next “Transformers” that it’s forgotten audiences need more story structure to work with. We’ve already seen other big-budget box office disappointments like “John Carter” (bad marketing) and last week’s “Dark Shadows” (horrible word of mouth) walk this road. Add to this the film’s low buzz, and a lower end opening seems destined.

3. The Dictator ($18 Million) – Sacha Baron Cohen’s transfer to more traditional comedy has been full of rough spots. Adding to the film’s woes is this film’s all too familiar “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”-like feel. The storyline didn’t feel that fresh back then, either.

4. What To Expect When You’re Expecting ($17 Million) – If the film performs to full potential, it’s looking at around a “Baby Mama”-like number. Of course, all bets are off with the incredible blockbuster competition this film’s up against.

5. Dark Shadows ($15 Million) – The film’s $150 million production budget really looms over this one. I’ll take this film’s lower than expected opening and raise you a disappointing second weekend.

Thanks for dropping in. Have a great weekend.