Bill Maher Slobbers Over Dan Rather

Bill Maher Slobbers Over Dan Rather

Check this extraordinary interview, as the thoroughly discredited disgace to the world of journalism, Dan Rather, continues his rehabilitation tour courtesy of a lapdog media and left-wing shills like Bill Maher.

This back and forth is eight minutes long and, even though the story that blew up Rather’s career is discussed at length, at no time are the words “forged documents created at Kinko’s” ever used. 


Another disconnect these two millioniare, left-wing elitists enjoy is that, while much of the media is owned by a very few, it’s all left-wing. So what exactly is the complaint? Well, obviously that these awful media companies can still bring themselves to fire those who attempt to unseat a sitting president using forged documents.

Anyway, enjoy a love-collision between two bubbled idealogues–always fun to watch.