The Jokes 'SNL' Won't Tell

The Jokes 'SNL' Won't Tell

Pity the poor scribes over at “Saturday Night Live.”

They’re literally working at half power given their unwillingness to fully engage President Barack Obama. That leaves the venerable sketch show scrambling for meaty material week after week.

Take Saturday’s season finale. The show did manage to mock MSNBC’s thoroughly mockable Al Sharpton, but the sketch focused primarily on his poor cue card reading, rather than a litany of other media sins (like crossing the line between news pundit and rabble rouser).

The rest of the show was relatively toothless, from a limp political song by host Mick Jagger to a karaoke sketch also featuring Jagger.

Just imagine if “SNL” writers had visited a conservative web site or three prior to the final show. They could have feasted on the following:

There’s some great comic fodder ready to be plundered if only “SNL” writers remove their ideological blinders and get to work.