Baldwin Blames Right Wing for Not Running for Office

Baldwin Blames Right Wing for Not Running for Office

Alec Baldwin might be leading this nation to prosperity if it weren’t for those nasty right wingers.

Baldwin’s Twitter rants against the Right are legendary – typically brimming with unexpurgated venom against those who don’t share his world view. Just yesterday, he tweeted about those “lying” Bush cronies.


But now the star of the basement-rated “30 Rock” sitcom is bemoaning about being blocked from public office by, you guessed it, the Right.

Asked if he considered jumping into the [presidential] race himself, Baldwin said, “I would run if I could win” but “too many reactionary haters” in the right wing would make that impossible.

To be fair, Baldwin does know a little something about hate.

Yes, those Right wingers might bring up some of Baldwin’s less than gracious moments in public life should he mount a campaign for office, the kind he can’t stop but delivering to a media hungry for such bad-boy behavior. But it’s still all the Right’s fault, don’t you know?

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