Box Office Predictions: Smith's 'Men' to Zap 'Avengers' from Top Spot

Box Office Predictions: Smith's 'Men' to Zap 'Avengers' from Top Spot

Last week, Sensei extended his call streak to three weeks. This holiday weekend, the competition is finally strong enough to beat the mighty “Avengers.”

Memorial Day weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. Men In Black III ($57 million) ($71 million Fri-Mon) – The franchise does feels tired at this point. The addition of Josh Brolin isn’t a thrilling choice to re-energize the fan base either. Look for mid-level results based mostly on Will Smith’s star appeal.

2. The Avengers ($38 million) ($48 million Fri-Mon) – Losing the top spot will only be a speed bump for this film’s assault on the record books. “The Avengers” will pass “Star Wars: Episode One” to place fourth on the all time domestic list. After this weekend, it will also be in striking range of “The Dark Knight” ($533 million) for the third spot.

3. Battleship ($13 million) ($18 million Fri-Mon) – Last week’s most disappointing opening, and might I add one of the all-time leaders in bad puns off its title, will not improve much this holiday weekend. Actor Taylor Kitsch is looking at another $200+ million dollar budgeted miss after “John Carter.”

4. The Dictator ($10 million) ($14 million Fri-Mon) – Film will grab a few comedy-seeking audiences, but don’t expect fireworks. Film has a long way to go to pay off its budget and extensive marketing campaign.

5. Chernobyl Diaries ($8 million) ($11.5 million Fri-Mon) – This one will look to capitalize on old school thrills and chills, but the “found footage” genre is starting to feel a little overdone. Look for low results.

In other calls.

Look for “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” to pull another $6.8 million for the four-day weekend.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.