Box Office Predictions: 'Snow White' the Fairest Blockbuster of the Weekend

Box Office Predictions: 'Snow White' the Fairest Blockbuster of the Weekend

Last week, Sensei scored very well on predictions. Including a very close “Men In Black 3” call.

This weekend, it’s all about faith and sticking to your path.

Revenue results and predictions go as follows:

1. Snow White And The Huntsman ($45 million) – Overall, a very impressive marketing campaign combined with very strong ticket pre-sales (especially with female audiences). Male audiences will also be drawn by the epic adventure feel and storyline. Look for high results in light of such wide demographic appeal.

2. Men In Black 3 ($29 million) – Film will post a drop similar to the previous “Men In Black” entries. So far, a very lukewarm box office reception for the third film in the franchise.

3. The Avengers ($24 million) – Film will pass “The Dark Knight” ($533 million) to take the third spot on the all time domestic list. Next up is “Titanic” ($658 million).

4. Battleship ($5.7 million) – Buzz has gotten dangerously low for this one. White the film’s patriotic themes are appreciated (something Hollywood films desperately need more of), being in a “Transformers”-like shadow with an even weaker premise isn’t helping.

5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ($5.2 million) – Film will again over-perform to take a spot in the top five. A very solid box office result for this one.

Bonus Call:

For Greater Glory ($3.2 million) – Speaking of over-performance, this one has the potential to really shock the film industry. Don’t let opening on only 700+ theaters fool you, “Glory’s” target audience could easily deliver one of the year’s best per-screen openings.

Have a great weekend.