Obama Losing Hollywood? Weinstein, Clinton Shred Bain Attack

Obama Losing Hollywood? Weinstein, Clinton Shred Bain Attack

Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein subbed for the mega-low-rated Piers Morgan on CNN last night, and in the process Weinstein crushed one of President Barack Obama’s biggest weapons against Mitt Romney.

Was this simply a case of amateurish timing, or is Hollywood’s most vocal Obama backer hedging his bets on the president’s re-election campaign?

Weinstein asked the show’s guest, former President Bill Clinton, about Romney’s ties to Bain Capital. It’s a familiar topic these days, as Obama himself promised he would concentrate on Bain as part of his campaign’s assault against the presumptive GOP presidential candidate.

But Clinton, like Cory Booker and a few other Democrats before him, actually rallied to Bain’s defense.

Was this a case of Clinton throwing Weinstein a knee-buckling curve ball? Or did the two share these talking points during a pre-interview chat?

Weinstein went out of his way to praise Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom the producer said will, “go down in history as our greatest secretary of state.”

Could Weinstein have one eye on Obama’s pathetic job numbers and the other on a Hillary 2016 bumper sticker?

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