Greg Gutfeld: Hollywood Is Obama's 'Personal ATM Machine'

Greg Gutfeld: Hollywood Is Obama's 'Personal  ATM Machine'

“The Five’s” Greg Gutfeld really tried to watch last night’s MTV Movie Awards telecast.

Gutfeld used his perch on Fox News’ “The Five” to mock both the forced cool factor on display and the smug Obama re-election ad featuring Sarah Jessica Parker.

If MTV were a person, it would be the divorced dad getting an earring trying to hit on his teenage daughter’s friends….I admire, however, how the aging in-crowd sticks together even as they fall apart. Take the ad that aired during the awards with that annoying lady with three names. In it, she raffles off a dinner with herself, the president and his wife.”

According to Gutfeld, there are many things wrong with the alliance of Hollywood and Obama, including Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine.

“‘We need him and he needs us.’ Who is ‘we?'” Gutfeld asked. “I call it a co-dependence of cool where both sides cling to each other while everyone else jumps ship….Saying ‘vote Obama’ beats thinking it’s the best thing to happen to no-talents since breast implants, which is why Hollywood is now Obama’s volunteer PR army and personal ATM machine.