Maher: New Minority Mets Owner Calls Women 'Dumb Twats' and 'C-nts'

Maher: New Minority Mets Owner Calls Women 'Dumb Twats' and 'C-nts'

Jammie Wearing Fools makes the key point:

Remember all the manufactured outrage when Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy a piece of the St. Louis Rams? The mere thought of it was met with howls of indignation of race charlatans and hucksters. Well, now belligerent “comedian” Bill Maher has bought a piece of the New York Mets and nobody seems offended by his past behavior.

Fresh off their Bernie Madoff fiasco, is this the direction the Mets want to go in? I guess they’ll take money from anyone.

CBS News:

No joke: Bill Maher owns a stake in the New York Mets.

The stand-up comic and political satirist was at Citi Field on Sunday and revealed that he bought a minority share of the team months ago. Mets senior vice president of marketing and communications David Newman confirmed the deal is done and that Maher is a new limited partner.

Maher, who grew up nearby in New Jersey and said he has been a Mets fan his whole life, would not disclose how much he spent or how large a stake he owns.

The Mets’ owners sought to raise cash after they were sued by the trustee seeking to recover money for victims of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. Hedge fund manager David Einhorn agreed in May 2011 to purchase a minority stake in the team for $200 million, but the Mets said Sept. 1 they were calling off that deal and instead wanted to sell limited partner shares for $20 million each.

Maher said he read about the opportunity in the newspaper in December and thought it would be a great investment.