Knauf to Open Up About 'Haunted' Box Narrative

Knauf to Open Up About 'Haunted' Box Narrative

Back in April, we introduced readers to Hollywood writer and producer Daniel Knauf’s latest creation, something he calls a “Box-Narrative.”

The first foray into this new narrative, “Bxx: Haunted” can be found at The site has garnered much attention and viewers usually spend more than an hour at a time on the site once they are drawn into this new form of storytelling.

Tomorrow night (June 6), the man behind the project will join fans in a live chat on the site. The details were laid out in a press release:

Daniel Knauf, creator of the Emmy award winning HBO series “Carnivále,” will be hosting a chat and joining users to explore his new box-narrative project Bxx: Haunted, on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, between 6 pm and 9 pm Pacific Time on the Bxx:Haunted site ( ).

For those of you who may have forgotten or have not heard about this project yet:

A box-narrative is a novel non-linear form of storytelling devised specifically for the web which immerses users in a drama as it unfolds in real-time. Knauf’s beta, Bxx: Haunted, recounts a paranormal investigation and its tragic aftermath over a full 34 hour period, captured by surveillance video-cams as well as stills, research logs, archival documents and supplementary video. Users may choose to stream video captured at any point within the story from any one of the 16 video cameras located throughout a suburban house. Multiple cameras can be opened simultaneously, allowing the user to monitor scenes unfolding concurrently in separate rooms.

And for those who are not familiar with Knauf’s work:

Mr. Knauf created and served as Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning series, “Carnivále” (HBO). Mr. Knauf has since written episodes of “Supernatural” (The CW) and “Fear Itself” (NBC). He has served as a Consulting Producer on “Stand Off” (FOX), “My Own Worst Enemy” (NBC) and the hit cult series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” (Starz). He has also been active with creating internet content since 1999, developing several award-winning websites.

This is a great opportunity for fans to interact with a visionary who has poured his heart and soul into creating an entirely new form of entertainment. There is no charge to view Bxx: Haunted. However, in order to use the advanced features on the site, including this chat, you can register for free at the main site.

Fans can also follow Knauf on Twitter (@Daniel_Knauf).