'Spoilers' Review: Smith's Regular Joe Movie Shtick Clicks

'Spoilers' Review: Smith's Regular Joe Movie Shtick Clicks

Kevin Smith may not be directing films as often anymore, but he is certainly keeping busy.

Besides his many podcasts under his Smodcast banner, he has started two television shows: AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and now “Spoilers,” which debuted this week on Hulu.com.

“Spoilers” keeps things quick and easy, and it goes down smoothly (Smith would certainly make a joke of that line). The concept is that Smith takes a group of regular people to see the latest blockbuster and they all sit and discuss it, argue over it and just plain geek out.

It’s a great show for film buffs. The show is only interrupted by a quick cartoon and Smith interviewing the celeb of the week (his first guest is “Star Wars” legend Carrie Fisher). He also introduces us to a smaller film he enjoys and recommends to his Smodcast following.

The first episode, “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns,” is available on Hulu.com now and is worth checking out. It runs a quick 24 minutes and comes complete with plenty of geeking out as well as laughter. A few prerequisites are required, though.

First off, one must be a film buff to truly appreciate the show. If you don’t enjoy sitting down with fellow film fans and discussing, arguing and just plain loving films then you maybe wondering by minute five of the show, “what are all these stupid people talking about?”

But Smith has found people of all ilk for the show which helps immensely. We don’t just get the Big Gulp chugging, neck beard geeks picking apart films scene by scene. We watch normal people discussing the good and bad of the big summer movies we are all so excited to rush out and see.

The other prerequisite is this … and it’s a pretty big one (that’s not a fat joke): Kevin Smith. If you are someone who has never understood Smith’s appeal and his endless arsenal of words and opinions then stay far, far away.

Smith doesn’t make this a one-man show, but he is clearly front and center. He tells his regular dick jokes, makes fun of himself and others and sometimes throws in a wise word or two. Typical Smith.

I didn’t have a problem with one second of it.

“Spoilers” may actually be the answer to those who miss Ebert and Roeper throwing their thumbs around the movie aisle. The show takes that concept to the next level. Now we get regular paying movie goers sharing their opinions and Smith dishing his brand of humor and entertainment.

Smith has taken entertainment to the next level. He’s moved beyond film. Now everything he does seems to be meant not just to entertain, but to try something new, and that’s always a welcome concept. He’s just so damn likable most of the time. Every time he tells some crude joke, you can’t help but feel like nothing has gone above PG; it’s like your grandma telling a dirty joke … only a little less awkward … and, come to think of it, a little more fun.