Socialism Above Comediansim: Stewart Won't Mock Warren

Socialism Above Comediansim: Stewart Won't Mock Warren

I guess the low-rated Jon Stewart is supposed to be some kind of political satirist. That’s what he claims to be, anyway. But if so why won’t he mock Elizabeth Warren, a high-profile, rising Democrat star currently running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts?

The scandal surrounding her disputed Cherokee heritage is over a month old now, has received all kinds of media attention, and is ripe for laughs and the taking of “power” down a peg or two. Here you have a pasty white woman who for years ran around pretending to be—

Oh, wait. I answered my own question at “high-profile, rising Democrat star.”

Stewart will go after a Democrat like Anthony Weiner after his fate has already been sealed, but Warren could still survive this.

See how that works?

Socialism above comedianism.


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