Chili Peppers Rally for President Kardashian

Chili Peppers Rally for President Kardashian

President Barack Obama is zeroing in on the youth vote in the months leading up to Election Day – by relying on 40-somethings to seal the deal.

First, 47-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker grotesquely hawked an Obama fundraiser at her pad during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards telecast, a campaign gaffe that drew heckles from the Left and the Right.

Now, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing all they can for team Obama.

The aging punksters recently put on a free show for Obama volunteers, transforming their act into one long political infomercial complete with a blue Obama/Biden background visual.

Nothing says punk rock like sticking up for the status quo!

Rush Limbaugh recently dubbed the Commander in Chief President Kardashian for his endless celebrity connections, but if Obama truly wants to dazzle young voters he might want to enlist singers who haven’t a clue what an eight-track tape is.