Obama Fundraises with Celeb 1 Percent While Economy Burns

Obama Fundraises with Celeb 1 Percent While Economy Burns

Another day, another posh celebrity fundraiser for a leader presiding over a train wreck economy.

President Barack Obama hit Hollywood – again – last night, along with Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts.

Instead of dropping by George Clooney’s pad, Obama visited the home of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy to rake in more one-percent cash for his reelection campaign coffers. Each couple had to pony up $40,000 for the honor of NOT hearing the president sing, a pretty hefty price tag in Obama’s America.

That’s more than 25 fundraisers for the president involving celebrity types, for those counting at home. And Obama has yet to visit Chez Sarah Jessica Parker. Perhaps it’s best to hit the celebrities up for money now before his “tax the rich” schemes kick in.

But no matter how many times Obama passes the hat in Hollywood, it seems he can’t catch up to GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney’s bulging ATM machine.

The press assaulted the Wisconsin election results this week as being the result of a massive spending spree by Gov. Scott Walker, ignoring all the union money that flowed to the Democrats’ side. Meanwhile, Obama was on his fundraising warpath shortly after the latest devastating economic news hit. Will the press swat Obama for his actions?

Don’t hold your breath

Expect more Obama celebrity endorsements and wallet openings to come. Obama will be there instead of attending to the nation’s more pressing concerns – like an unemployment that won’t drop below eight percent.