Box Office Predictions: 'Madagascar' Survives Sandler While 'Rock' Sinks

Box Office Predictions: 'Madagascar' Survives Sandler While 'Rock' Sinks

Last week, Sensei extended his call streak to six straight weeks. Not too shabby.

This time around, the box office hopes to capitalize on the Father’sDay frame with a mixture of Adam Sandler and feel good nostalgia.

Weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” ($32 million) – Really it could just bethe lack of competition. Nevertheless, look for the Summer’s firstrepeat champion since “The Avengers.”

2. “That’s My Boy” ($25 million) – Film will open in thethis Father’s Day. Still, definitely not the higher results we wereused to seeing from Adam Sandler films.

3. “Prometheus” ($22 million) – Expect quite a drop heresince word of mouth is lukewarm at best. Overall, not the result thestudio was hoping for in the second week.

4. “Rock Of Ages” ($20.7 million) – The feel good qualityhere is encouraging, and the film is unique enough to grab attention.Unfortunately, this rock anthem musical lacks momentum because of itsshoe-string marketing. If not careful, it could easily open in the

5. “Snow White and the Huntsman” ($11 million) – In lightof this film’s $170 million production budget, film will need tosustain itself for quite some time to become profitable. Studio will bewatching this one very careful in light of their expensive

Bonus Call:

#. “The Avengers” ($5.8 million) – Film may be falling outof the top five, but will easily be comforted by breaking the $580million domestic mark. Quite amazing.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.