Whittle on Hollywood: Conservatives Face 'Outright Blacklisting'

Whittle on Hollywood: Conservatives Face 'Outright Blacklisting'

Filmmaker Bill Whittle has spoken to enough closet conservatives in Hollywood to know what they might face if they revealed their ideological leanings. And it’s as ugly as people on the Right suspect.

“I cannot convey to you the outright blacklisting they face,” Whittle said during Saturday’s RightOnline conference in Las Vegas. And only a handful of established right-of-center actors, like living legend Jon Voight, can speak their mind without fear of losing gigs.

Whittle, a well-respected blogger, filmmaker and commentator, spoke about Hollywood’s oppressive liberal ideology on a panel called “How Culture Drives Politics.” Whittle’s observations aligned with those of late Internet media maven Andrew Breitbart, who famously opined that politics is downstream from culture.

“The battle for the country’s future isn’t in Washington. It’s in Hollywood,” Whittle told the crowd. Just consider the heroes and villains in movies made a half century ago versus today.

Back then, the good guys were soldiers, and they fought to protect and preserve uniquely American ideals, he says. The villains du jour is a “business man … and he just wants to make as much money as possible,” he said.

Whittle said conservatives face an epic, uphill battle to win back the Hollywood message machine, but sometimes even the tiniest measures can have positive consequences.

He shared a story he heard from a grip who works on the CBS drama “CSI: New York” starring Gary Sinise, one actor who unabashedly supports the troops. Sinise’s character works out of a desk which features a framed photograph of President Ronald Reagan. The camera man moved the framed picture while setting up a shot. Sinise picked the picture up and made it stand tall right back up before the shooting commenced, Whittle said.