Sad Sequel: Celebrities' Lazy Campaign for Bigger Government

Sad Sequel: Celebrities' Lazy Campaign for Bigger Government

In 2008, Hollywood types were abuzz over then-candidate Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Their excitement and passion for him fueled their creative talents, as evidenced by the famous Will.I.Am “Yes We Can” video that showed how powerful the left can be when rallying cultural forces to impact politics.

That video also symbolized how seamlessly Obama and Hollywood were integrated and featured celebrities like John Legend, Scarlett Johansson and Nick Cannon spliced with excerpts from Obama’s “Yes we can” speech made after he lost the New Hampshire primary to Hillary Clinton. 

But in 2012, Hollywood seems to be as enthusiastic about Obama’s campaign as a movie sequel that doesn’t live up to the original.

Consider this new, lazy campaign by celebrities like Larry David, Rachel Zoe, Usher and Jessica Alba urging Americans to sign a petition for one million service (read: government) jobs for America’s youth. 

The video implores people to sign a petition to call for jobs in various public sector industries, and the aforementioned celebrities serve up the same kind of hackneyed and vague appeals regarding “service” heard on college campuses nationwide.

Of course, the celebrities seem oblivious to the fact that the country is in so much debt that adding even more government workers will not be feasible. And none of these celebrities seem willing to hire people themselves even though they have plenty of resources to do. Just like with the pet programs liberals always crave, they want other people to pay for their desires and foolishly think, like Obama, that the country’s dire economic situation can be solved with more government jobs and programs. 

With an uninspiring campaign like this, perhaps it is a good thing these celebrities are not promoting the private sector.