'Waiting to Exhale' Author Compares GOP to Hitler

'Waiting to Exhale' Author Compares GOP to Hitler

“Waiting to Exhale” author Terry McMillan managed to squeeze just about every anti-Republican stereotype into a stream of Twitter rants yesterday.

Oh, and she also compared members of the Grand Old Party to Hitler for good measure.

Terry McMillan GOP Hitler tweet

McMillan, known by many for using her May/December romance with a man who turned out to be gay to inspire her bestseller “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” told her Twitter followers she’s never been more scared of the big, bad, racist GOP.

What follows, courtesy of Twitchy, is a hodge podge of pro-censorship, anti-logic comments capped by some lousy grammar.

I wish the Fox folks and Rush Limbaugh could get fined or thrown off the air for spreading lies. It should be a violation of ethics.

However, what the Republicans have made crystal clear is how racists they are & how many people in this country are too. And not hiding it.

Notice that the only thing the Republicans really worry about is money. Theirs. Not yours.

What kills me is how religious Republicans purport to be but they aren’t civil nor know anything about compassion & empathy. Hypocrites.

The Republicans are insulting Americans intelligence at a base level. That’s how arrogant they are. I am feeling apoplectic about now.

At least the media, especially MSNBC, is starting to call out the GOP on all of their antics and tactics. They’re hypocrisy is going to hurt