Trailer Talk: Culture Clash Gives '2 Days in New York' a Slight Boost

Trailer Talk: Culture Clash Gives '2 Days in New York' a Slight Boost

The trailer for “2 Days in New York,” starring Chris Rock and actress/director Julie Delpy, has arrived online.

Synopsis: Marion (Delpy) has broken up with Jack (‘Two Days in Paris’) and now livesin New York with their child. But when her family decides to come visither, she’s unaware that the different cultural background held by hernew American boyfriend Mingus (Rock), her eccentric father, and hersister Rose who decided to bring her ex-boyfriend along for the trip,added to her upcoming photo exhibition, will make up for an explosivemix. 

“2 Days in New York” has a very familiar story line. How many times have we seen these gags of the new boyfriend meeting the family and coming to terms with his girlfriend’s very secretive past, one including boyfriends and embarrassing family traditions?

The only thing “New York” has going for it is the cultural backgrounds of its characters i.e. French family doesn’t quite mingle right with cultured New Yorker boyfriend. The other positive elements that may help the film are a more reserved Rock and the involvement of classy Delpy. The trailer suggests the same old, same old, but the film may have more to offer … or it might just offer an elitist New York culture comedy in the vein of Woody Allen’s more recent work. Let’s hope for the best. 

Interesting note: Outspoken conservative and underrated filmmaker Vincent Gallo apparently has a cameo as himself.

“2 Days in New York” will be available On Demand starting July 6 and hit theaters Aug. 10.