Bigoted 'Vampire Hunter' Star Lashes Out at Southerners

Bigoted 'Vampire Hunter' Star Lashes Out at Southerners

The only bigot in this equation is “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” star Anthony Mackie, who is obviously too bubbled in his pretty little Hollywood world to understand that defaming an entire ethnic group with a broad brush of lies is in and of itself the very definition of bigotry:

Your first lead was playing a gay artist struggling with coming out in Brother to Brother. That’s a pretty challenging role.

Growing up in the South, three things you grow up [sic]: homophobic, sexist, and racist. It’s just innate and in your blood. Growing up and going to North Carolina School of the Arts and Juilliard, a lot of my friends were gay. So that’s something that I wanted to deal with and move past in my own personal life–that homophobia that I was raised with and that was prevalent in the community I grew up in.

There seems to be a sea change now. Even rappers like Jay-Z and The Game are coming out in support of gay marriage.

Why wouldn’t you? The way I look at it: if gay and lesbian people want to be as unhappy as all the married couples in the world, go ahead!

Well, isn’t Mackie just every-which-a-way precious.

So progressive and tolerant, isn’t he — except for, you know, Southerners, who are ALL bad, ALL bigoted, and ALL “isty.”

As someone who has spent over a decade living in the South,  I can tell you first hand that Mackie is a stone-cold liar.

I’ve spent decades in the Midwest, nearly nine-years in Los Angeles, and eleven in North Carolina. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that people are people and that Americans as a whole are shockingly tolerant and able to live together. Incidents of bigotry are so rare in this country they lead the news, and that includes the dreaded South.  

I have found one segment of the population, however, who are a bunch of intolerant bigots, and that’s the Anthony Mackie types — the bubbled, elitist, wealthy leftists who lash out at entire swathes of people in order to burnish their own “tolerant” credentials.

They’re also so pathetically ignorant, they don’t even see the irony in doing so. And neither does the sycophant media supposedly there to interview them.

Hey, Mackie, okay we hate you back?

You started it.

Don’t you just love giving money to people who hate you?


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