Jon Stewart Reveals Outrage Over Fast & Furious, Calls Dems Hypocrites

Jon Stewart Reveals Outrage Over Fast & Furious, Calls Dems Hypocrites

The one person who understands the seriousness of Operation Fast & Furious is a comedian.

Comedy Central’s liberal icon Jon Stewart not only told his “Daily Show” viewers about Fast & Furious last night, but he called out the Democratic hypocrisy concerning executive privilege.

There’s no spin or distortion. The only problem I have is he didn’t mention the name of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who died allegedly from a Fast & Furious weapon.

Even when he explains that Fast & Furious was supposed to be a tactic to find out where the gunrunners got the guns for the cartel, you can tell he’s in disbelief that our government would do this. As Mr. Stewart states, they got the guns from our government!

Mr. Stewart even included the fact that the Department of Justice lied in its Feb. 4 letter and had to retract it nine months later.

Then it’s time for the issue of executive privilege, and Mr. Stewart isn’t falling for the Democrats defense tactics. He’s also upset how the Democrats who were outraged when President George W. Bush cited executive privilege aren’t outraged about President Obama’s use of the legal maneuver.

Frankly, everyone should be outraged about this situation no matter their ideological bent. Our government allowed known gun smugglers to buy guns and give them to the drug cartels without anyway of tracing them. And, as a result, Terry and roughly 300 Mexicans are dead.