Box Office Heats Up: 'Ted' Overperforms at #1, 'Magic Mike' #2

Box Office Heats Up: 'Ted' Overperforms at #1, 'Magic Mike' #2


The domestic box office is exploding with early Fourth Of July fireworks, with total moviegoing a blazing $205M, which is +15% from last year. And R-rated raunch ruled today. Universal’s Ted is wildly overperforming: $20.5M today for a $51M first weekend. The reprobate teddy bear is #1 and outgrossed Hangover today. Playing in 3,239 theaters, it could open the weekend as the biggest original R-rated comedy on record! (Remember, this is the movie that Twentieth Century Fox passed on – even though Seth MacFarlane is BMOC at 20th TV and FBC, and Mark Wahlberg has a growing list of hit movies.) Audiences gave Ted an ‘A-‘ CinemaScore, which ensures great word of mouth. The pic debuted with a stunningly strong $2.625M from midnight showings at 1,090 theaters. Seth MacFarlane has now made the successful transition to the big screen, while Mark Wahlberg cements his status as a major star. Ted was acquired by Universal from MRC for $69M and was made for $50M.

Also overperforming is Warner BrosMagic Mike (2,930 theaters) which is looking at a great $18M opening today and $43M weekend. Domestic matinees for Magic Mike were especially “crazy”, rival studios told me. This is really reminding me and Hollywood of opening day for the first Sex And The City – though hopefully not as frontloaded. (I loved Warner Bros’ marketing line to women for Channing Tatum et al that “on June 29th tell your boyfriend you’re going to the book club”). Audiences gave Magic Mike a ‘B’ CinemaScore, which won’t hurt word of mouth. The male beefcake strippers movie directed by Steven Soderbergh took in a huge $2.050M from just one show at midnight in 1,100 locations. …

1. Ted (Universal) NEW [3,239 Theaters] R
Friday $20.5M, Weekend $51.0M

2. Magic Mike (Warner Bros) NEW [2,930 Theaters] R
Friday $18.0M, Weekend $43.0M

3. Brave 3D (Pixar/Disney) Week 2 [4,164 Theaters] PG
Friday $10.5M (-57%), Weekend $35.5M, Cume $132.7M

4. Madea Witness Prot (Tyler Perry/Lionsgate) NEW [2,161 Theaters] PG13
Friday $10.2M, Weekend $26M

5. Madagascar 3 3D (DWA/Par) Week 4 [3,715 Theaters] PG
Friday $4.2M, Weekend $14.5M, Cume $181.7M

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