Cruise and Holmes Slept In Separate Beds

Cruise and Holmes Slept In Separate Beds

In the time-honored circumstances of couples in serious trouble, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise apparently stopped sleeping together in the final weeks before Holmes filed for divorce.

According to reports, although they were both in New York City and they have an apartment there, when Cruise stopped in New York for a short while earlier in June he never stayed at the apartment, but rather in Robert DeNiro’s Greenwich Hotel.  

While this was going on, Holmes was either staying at their apartment or a new apartment she just acquired.  Sources said that Holmes brought their daughter Suri to the Greenwich Hotel twice, but that Cruise’s own security didn’t know that his wife and daughter were coming.


Sources who lived in the same apartment building as the Cruises said they couldn’t remember when they had last seen Cruise. Other sources said Cruise was surprised by Holmes filing for divorce.