HBO Pulls Plug on Fox News CEO Pic

HBO Pulls Plug on Fox News CEO Pic

The network that gave us such fair and balanced projects as “Game Change,” “Recount” and “The Newsroom” is scrapping plans for a Fox News film because it “could never be seen as objective.”

It’s a shame the network doesn’t use canned laughter for its comedy programs, because that statement sure deserves some guffaws. broke the news yesterday that HBO was planning a potential damning feature on Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, a key figure behind the powerhouse cable news network beloved by many conservatives.

Today, the site received this missive from HBO Films President Len Amato confirming the planned project is suddenly kaput.

“We recently decided not to pursue the Ailes project. It had become clear to us before even receiving a script that due to our company’s CNN affiliation the film could never be seen as objective.”

HBO doesn’t even fake objectivity in its choice of projects, and the mainstream media rarely holds the network accountable for its actions. New Media sure does, though, and perhaps the network didn’t want to face even more social media heat for the planned project.

The network swiftly apologized when news broke last month that an episode of “Game of Thrones” featured the head of former President George W. Bush on a stake. That mea culpa wouldn’t have happened without a New Media ready to hold HBO accountable.