Silent Brad: Why Won't Pitt Defend His Mother?

Silent Brad: Why Won't Pitt Defend His Mother?

Brad Pitt is the kind of Hollywood liberal conservatives have little reason to taunt. He throws money toward worthy causes and gets his hands dirty in places like New Orleans to help those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. And, to my knowledge, he doesn’t insult Republican voters for daring to hold opposing view points.

So why is he staying silent about the death threats his mother received after she penned a bold anti-President Obama letter in her neighborhood newspaper?

Jane Pitt inspired plenty of headlines on her own recently after her pro-Romney, anti-Obama letter to the editor hit newsstands.

The media instantly branded her writing “anti-gay,” but the bigger issue came when the older women started receiving death threats for daring to speak her mind.

Brad Pitt’s brother, Doug, spoke out on his mom’s behalf on “The Today Show.” Jon Voight, the father of Brad Pitt’s main squeeze Angelina Jolie, also shared his support for Mrs. Pitt with Fox News.

But what about Jane Pitt’s Oscar-nominated son?

Fox News says it tried to get the actor to respond to the situation without luck.

A rep for Brad Pitt, an avid supporter of President Obama, did not respond for further comment.

And the “Extra” blog also indicates Pitt has yet to issue a public statement regarding the issue.

Brad and Angelina remain quiet on the subject

Do the right thing, Brad. Tell the world to leave your mother alone and that it’s all right to disagree on political matters.

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