No Apologies: Carolla 'Doesn't Give a Sh**' About Twitter Fallout

No Apologies: Carolla 'Doesn't Give a Sh**' About Twitter Fallout

The list of celebrity apologists is a long one.

Brett Ratner. Tracy Morgan. Michael Richards. David Letterman. Kanye West. Christian Bale. Hugh Grant. Mel Gibson. And, most recently, Daniel Tosh. They all apologized in one form or another after saying or doing the wrong thing – or, what some said was the wrong thing.

Adam Carolla refuses to add his name to that list.

The podcast king caught plenty of social media heat after he proclaimed men are, on average, funnier than women. But Carolla refuses to back down from his claim or apologize to anyone offended by what he declared.

“Let’s be clear in this article,” comedian Adam Carolla, 48, says. “I don’t give a shit. I sell out theaters. I have a business. I don’t need anybody. Twitter away all you want. I’ll be at the racetrack.”

Must be nice to be your own boss, but Carolla might have taken the same position had he still worked in, say terrestrial radio. He’s one of the rare personalities who speaks his mind sans filter.

That’s not to say he wasn’t taken aback by the controversy that erupted over his comments.

It definitely means I must’ve struck a cord. There’s no way this many people could be upset at something that’s completely false, right?