Creator of Batman's Bane: Dems' Romney Comparison 'Ridiculous'

Creator of Batman's Bane: Dems' Romney Comparison 'Ridiculous'

Kerry Picket at the Washington Times:

Comic book writer Chuck Dixon created the character of Bane with Graham Nolan in the early 90’s and Dixon’s reaction to the news above, according to his message board on his website, was “I saw it on FB like two hours ago. Ridiculous. Tho’ I got a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach that Rush (Limbaugh) may pick up on this. And that would be the second time he pegged me and Graham as liberals on his show.”

He later added, “Overgrasping Dems? Hey, if it gets Obama supporters into theaters. Maybe they’ll buy thousands of Bane toys to throw at Romney. It all adds to MY Bane capital. I wonder if the Romney campaign will contact me?”

People I trust are telling me that like “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises” is thematically conservative and will not make Occupy Wall Street at all happy. 

We will find out Friday.


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