Adam Carolla: Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Speech 'Anti-American'

Adam Carolla: Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Speech 'Anti-American'

Podcast king Adam Carolla once dug ditches, cleaned carpets, built closets, and did other back-breaking work.

Now, he pontificates on the news of the day for free – and makes a healthy living because of it.

So he couldn’t sit back and let President Barack Obama’s now-famous “You Didn’t Build That” progressive speech go by without comment. On Carolla’s July 17th podcast, he reiterated his previous Occupy Wall Street rant before dubbing Obama’s core message “insane” and “anti-American.”

“This is [Obama] trying to do a class warfare thing … turn people against people who have more than they have,” he says.

“It’s a ridiculous message to send, and it’s the exact opposite message of this country,” he continues. “This country is about focusing, busting your asses, outworking the next guy … and if you’re talented, it helps … but if you’re the hardest working you’ll be fine.”

Carolla warns that the rich will start fleeing the country should the rhetoric against them keep increasing – as well as the taxes. And, while the country’s economy continues to flounder, he says the Obama campaign themes aren’t helping us get back on track.

“None of you successful business owners got there cuz you worked super hard and you’re smart, it’s because you got roads .. it’s a great message,” he cried.

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