The Who to Bring Back 'Quadrophenia,' Classic Hits to U.S.

The Who to Bring Back 'Quadrophenia,' Classic Hits to U.S.

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are bringing “Quadrophenia” back to U.S. stages later this year for the first time since 1997.

“We’ve been anxious to work together before we drop dead,” Townshend joked during an affable video press conference Wednesday to officially announce the tour.

“America … it’s somewhere if you’re gonna tour anywhere, it’s the easiest place in the world … fabulous audiences,” Daltrey adds.

The surviving members of the classic rock quartet still work sporadically together on stage and in the recording studio. Today, they took pains to describe why reviving the album in 2012 made sense.

“What’s great about doing it now is that it’s still a work in progress,” Daltrey says of the iconic album which featured “5:15,” “Love Reign O’re Me” and “The Real Me.”

“Roger has a tremendous creative investment in this … I know what my job is … what Roger is doing these days is creating a new way of putting it across,” Townshend says.

But can fans expect new Who music from the duo beyond the upcoming tour? Townshend and Daltrey initially disagree before waving the white flag on what is probably an extended debate.

“I’m not sure whether what I write today you can rubber stamp it as ‘Who’ music,” Townshend says.

Daltrey put it more bluntly.

“Whatever you write, if you write it and I sing it, that’s Who music,” Daltrey counters.

Tour details are still being determined, but the initial plan is for 37 dates across the country.