Box Office: Studios Silent Until Monday; 'Dark Knight' Brings Large Haul

Box Office: Studios Silent Until Monday; 'Dark Knight' Brings Large Haul

Several major film studios announced they would not report ticket sale grosses over the weekend in light of the Aurora, CO shooting spree at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to the Associated Press.

Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal and Lionsgate said Saturday that they are joining “Dark Knight Rises” distributor Warner Bros. in withholding their box-office numbers for the weekend.

Warner Bros. announced Friday that it would forgo the usual revenue reports until Monday out of respect for the victims and their families in the shooting that killed 12 and wounded 58 at the midnight show earlier in the day.

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood reports that, though its box office may be slowed slightly by the tragedy, “Dark Knight” is on track for a possible $170 million weekend, bringing overall movie attendance up 37% compared to this weekend last year. Based on estimates, here are Finke’s numbers for Friday night’s Top 10 films:

1. The Dark Knight Rises (Legendary/Warner Bros) NEW [4,404 Theaters]

Friday $77.2M, Weekend $170M

2. Ice Age 4 (Blue Sky/Fox) Week 2 [3,886 Theaters]

Friday $6.8M (-51%), Weekend $21.6M, Cume $90.1M

3. The Amazing Spider-Man (Columbia/Sony) Week 3 [3,753 Theaters]

Friday $3.3M, Weekend $11.4M, Cume $229.1M

4. Ted (MRC/Universal) Week 4 [3,214 Theaters]

Friday $3.1M, Weekend $10.2M, Cume $180.7M

5. Brave (Pixar/Disney) Week 5 [2,899 Theaters]

Friday $1.9M, Weekend $6.5M, Cume $209.3M

6. Magic Mike (Warner Bros) Week 4 [2,606 Theaters]

Friday $1.6M, Weekend $4.3M, Cume $102.1M

7. Savages (Universal) Week 3 [2,336 Theaters]

Friday $986K, Weekend $3.3M, Cume $40.0M

8. Madea’s Witness Protection (TPerry/Lionsgate) Week 4 [1,540 Theaters]

Friday $744K, Weekend $2.2M, Cume $60.3M

9. Moonrise Kingdom (Focus Features) Week 9 [895 Theaters]

Friday $551K, Weekend $1.9M, Cume $36.2M

10. Madagascar 3 (DreamWorks Anim/Par) Week 7 [1,261 Theaters]

Friday $447K, Weekend $1.5M, Cume $207.8M