Trailer Talk: Snoop Dogg Curbed, Meet Snoop Lion

Trailer Talk: Snoop Dogg Curbed, Meet Snoop Lion

Reinvention can be essential for music stars. Just ask Madonna, who seems to embrace a new persona every few years … or less.

Now, it’s Snoop Dogg’s turn.

Or, rather, Snoop Lion.

The hip hop star is changing his tune to reggae, and his new documentary “Reincarnated” traces his new path – and name – for all to see.

At least he didn’t take an unpronounceable sign as his new moniker.

The rapper is leaving hip hop behind and embracing his inner Bob Marley. Yes, reggae is now his muse, and the film shows us his Rastafarian reboot.

“I’m tired of rap,” he says in the film’s trailer, which looks to appeal mainly to hip hop and reggae fans. The movie, set to premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival in the fall, could be a fine companion piece to “Marley,” this year’s documentary on the late reggae superstar Bob Marley which hits home video Aug. 6.

The trailer also suggests the singer is denouncing his violent past, which could give the film a noble arc that could send a positive message to his fans. Then again, where there’s marijuana smoke, there’s Snoop Lion.