Weinstein's Obama Fundraiser Shuts Prime Vacation Spot

Weinstein's Obama Fundraiser Shuts Prime Vacation Spot

Vacationers routinely flock to Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, Conn. to soak up the sun and chase job stresses away.

Not this week.

At the height of the summer vacation and beach season, the 238-acre beach on Long Island Sound will be shut down all day so the president can use the park to arrive for and depart from private, high-roller fundraising events, culminating with a $35,800-a-head gathering for the glitterati at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s waterfront Westport manse.

Thousands of discouraged bathers may be turned away and the state will lose parking fees of $9 for state residents and $15 for out-of-state cars.

This isn’t the first time Weinstein has opened up his wallet for Obama. The movie mogul is one of Hollywood’s biggest Democratic donors, not to mention his cinematic contributions.

This October, Weinstein’s company will release “Butter,” a new satire gunning for the Tea Party. And the film producer is also considering releasing “Code Name: Geronimo,” a film detailing the successful hunt for Osama bin Laden, before Election Day.

The death of bin Laden remains one of the few pure achievements of the Obama administration.

Weinstein and his Democratic peers continue to carp about Citizens United, the ruling which allowed corporations to flood election cycles with donations. But they remain mum about the uncounted millions Hollywood contributes to the cause in the hopes of influencing the hearts and minds of media consumers.

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